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ZAMP ZR-40 SFI-5 Racing Suit Review

The ZR-40 SFI-5 Racing Suit is an innovative and lightweight 2-layer suit built with high-quality materials at an affordable price for both youth and adult drivers. The ZR-40 sports a unique angled chest zipper & button closure.


OMP First FIA Racing Shoes Review

The OMP FIRST Auto Racing Shoe is a classic and high quality FIA-rated racing shoe that continues OMP's commitment to putting the driver first. This thoughtfully designed mid-top shoe is extremely comfortable and carries the FIA8856-2018 fire resistant safety rating.


K1 Challenger Auto Racing Suit Review

The K1 Challenger Suit is K1’s newest entry level SFI-1 auto racing suit. It is made of single layer of FRC and features 360 shoulder gussets and boot-cuff legs making for an attractive suit that works well in many forms of racing. Check out our in depth review here!


Z-Tech Series 2A / 3A / 6A Buyers Guide

A comprehensive overview of ZAMP's head and neck restraint lineup! | What's the difference between the 2A / 3A / 6A? | What’s Included with the Z-Tech Series Restraints? | How do I use a second helmet with the Z-Tech 2A / 3A / 6A? | What helmets work with the Z-Tech or HANS Restraints?