Z-Tech Series 2A / 3A / 6A Buyers Guide

Z-Tech 2A vs 3A vs 6A – What’s the difference?

Z-Tech Series 2A / 3A / 6A
Z-Tech Series 6A / 2A / 3A (Back to Front)

Z-Tech Series 2A:         (Standard Restraint)
The Z-Tech Series 2A is ZAMP’s standard head and neck restraint. It uses adjustable arms that contact the front of the shoulders to provide stability and weighs in around 900grams (~2lbs).

Z-Tech Series 3A:         (Compact Restraint)
The Z-Tech Series 3A is ZAMP’s newest design which is more compact than the other restraints. It does away with the front support arms and instead uses a small rear arm for angle adjustment. It weighs in around 750grams (~1.65lbs)

Z-Tech Series 6A:         (High-Back Restraint)
The Z-Tech Series 6A is similar in design to the standard 2A restraint which uses adjustable front support arms, however, it also has an extended rear frame creating a “high-back”. This allows for a more natural pull angle for the harness. For the racer this means more side-to-side movement is possible and creates a less restrained, more natural feel. Great for racers who feel too “locked-in” to a standard restraint. It weighs in around 925grams (~2lbs)

Z-Tech Series 2A / 3A / 6A Restraints
Z-Tech Series 6A / 2A / 3A Side-by-Side Height Comparison

What’s Included with the Z-Tech Series 2A / 3A / 6A?

Z-Tech Series 3A Unboxing Items Included
Z-Tech Series 3A: All Items Included in Box

What’s Included:

  • Z-Tech Head & Neck Restraint
  • Anchors/Posts to set up one helmet
  • Loctite for installing posts and screws
  • Owner’s Manual and Warranty Card

How do I use a second helmet with the Z-Tech 2A / 3A / 6A?

All Z-Tech head and neck restraints come with a pair of anchors to set up a single helmet for use with the restraint.

Z-Tech Post Anchors
Z-Tech Restraint Post Anchors

To set up additional helmets for use with the restraint, you will need to purchase a Z-Tech Anchor Post Kit for each extra helmet. We carry a full line of ZAMP Racing Gear!

What helmets work with the Z-Tech or HANS Restraints?

Any Snell SA2015 or SA2020 Rated Helmet will work with a Z-Tech or HANS-Style restraint with no additional parts or set up required for the helmet.

Older Snell SA Rated helmets (SA2005 or SA2010) can work with a head and neck restraint, but will require helmet modifications to allow for installation of the anchors.

Other ratings such as Snell M2020, K2020, or DOT only will not work with a Z-Tech (or any other brand) head and neck restraint. (SFI 24.1 rated helmets may be compatible with a restraint- see the manufacturer of the helmet for more details.) Check out our selection of Restraints/Harness Safety Gear!

Z-Tech Series 3A Installed Gallery

Z-Tech Series 3A Side Profile
Z-Tech Series 3A Side Profile

Z-Tech Series 3A 3/4 View
Z-Tech Series 3A 3/4 View

Z-Tech Series 3A Back
Z-Tech Series 3A Back