K1 Challenger Auto Racing Suit Review

The K1 Challenger Suit is K1’s newest entry level SFI-1 auto racing suit. It is made of single layer of FRC and features 360 shoulder gussets and boot-cuff legs making for an attractive suit that works well in many forms of racing.

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Is the K1 Challenger Suit SFI Rated?

Yes, the Challenger Suit is SFI 3.2A/1 Rated (“SFI-1”). It can be used at any event that an SFI-1 rated suit is required.

You can read more about SFI ratings at the SFI Foundation’s website.

The Challenger Suit is popular in Midgets, Quarter Midgets, Bandoleros, Sprint Cars, Legends, and Thunder Roadsters as well as sports car racing classes such as SCCA Solo and ProSolo. Check with your organization to see which SFI rating is required for your racing class.

What’s the difference between the Challenger Suit and other suits?

The Challenger suit is the newest suit in the K1 lineup and uses their latest tech for comfort and safety. The Challenger replaces the K1 Triumph 2 Suit while introducing an eye-catching vintage style.

The K1 Challenger Suit vs RaceQuip 110 Suit vs ZAMP ZR-10 Suit:

K1 Challenger Suit
K1 Challenger Suit
RaceQuip 110 Suit
RaceQuip 110 Suit
ZAMP ZR-10 Suit
ZAMP ZR-10 Suit

All three of these suits are of similar SFI-1 fire retardant cotton (FRC) construction. The K1 Challenger is a step up in comfort from the other two though as it has a 360 degree separated shoulder gusset:

360 Degree Shoulder Gusset
360 Degree Shoulder Gusset

This separated shoulder gusset allows your arms to move independently of the rest of the suit without tugging on other areas of your body making the Challenger suit a more comfortable suit for longer race sessions.

What’s included with the K1 Challenger Suit?

Challenger Suit & Tote Bag
Challenger Suit & Tote Bag

The Challenger Suit includes a durable zip tote bag for easy transport and storage.

What colors and sizes is the Challenger Suit available in?

The K1 Challenger Suit is available in the following styles:

  • Black/White – 7X-Small (20)
  • Black/White – 6X-Small (24)
  • Black/White – 5X-Small (28)
  • Black/White – 4X-Small (32)
  • Black/White – 3X-Small (36)
  • Black/White – 2X-Small (40)
  • Black/White – X-Small (44)
  • Black/White – Small (48)
  • Black/White – Medium (52)
  • Black/White – Medium/Large (54)
  • Black/White – Large (56)
  • Black/White – Large/X-Large (58)
  • Black/White – X-Large (60)
  • Black/White – 2X-Large (64)
  • Black/White – 3X-Large (68)
  • Black/White – 4X-Large (70)

  • Black/Red – X-Small (44)
  • Black/Red – Small (48)
  • Black/Red – Medium (52)
  • Black/Red – Medium/Large (54)
  • Black/Red – Large (56)
  • Black/Red – Large/X-Large (58)
  • Black/Red – X-Large (60)
  • Black/Red – 2X-Large (64)
  • Black/Red – 3X-Large (68)
  • Black/Red – 4X-Large (70)

What is the sizing chart for the K1 Challenger Suit?

K1 Challenger Suit Sizing Chart
K1 Challenger Suit Sizing Chart

The safest suit for maximum fire protection is a loose fitting one.

A suit's fire protection capability is directly related to the fit of the garment. A properly fitted racing suit will have small air gaps in between the body and the garment. A suit worn too tightly will compress these air gaps- allowing heat to reach the skin faster.

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