K1 - Challenger SFI-5 Auto Racing Shoes Review

The K1 Challenger Shoe is K1’s newest SFI rated shoe. It is a mid-top shoe made of high quality nomex and durable suede. This lightweight and comfortable shoe is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of auto racers.

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Is the K1 Challenger Shoe SFI Rated?

Yes, the Challenger Shoe is SFI 3.3/5 Rated (SFI-5). It can be used at any event that an SFI rated shoe is required.

You can read more about SFI ratings at the SFI Foundation’s website.

This shoe can be used for all types of auto racing including dirt track, autocross, outlaw, and more. These shoes also work well for kart racing even though their SFI rating isn't usually required.

What kind of features does the Challenger Shoe have?

The Challenger Shoe features an internal lace up system that requires less space and lowers the chances of the laces 'snagging' on something. A "hook and loop" lace strap secures the loose ends of the laces.

Lace up system and laser cut vent holes shown here
Lace up system and laser cut vent holes shown here

The Challenger Shoe also features precise laser cut vent holes and soft knit Nomex inner lining to increase the shoe breathability, comfort, and fire protection.

Additionally, this shoe features pressure sensitive molded soles for better shock absorption and pedal feel.

How does the K1 Challenger Shoe compare to the Zamp ZR-30 Shoe?

Both are great options for entry level SFI-5 rated racing shoes. The main difference is that the K1 Challenger shoe uses a strap to tuck and cover the laces which prevents the laces coming untied mid-race or snagging while the Zamp ZR-30 shoe instead uses a lace tensioner.

Left: Challenger Lace Strap | Right: ZR-30 Lace Tensioner
Left: Challenger Lace Strap | Right: ZR-30 Lace Tensioner

What sizes is the K1 Challenger Shoe available in?

  • Men’s – Size 4.0
  • Men’s – Size 5.0
  • Men’s – Size 5.5
  • Men’s – Size 6.0
  • Men’s – Size 6.5
  • Men’s – Size 7.0
  • Men’s – Size 7.5
  • Men’s – Size 8.0
  • Men’s – Size 8.5
  • Men’s – Size 9.0
  • Men’s – Size 9.5
  • Men’s – Size 10.0
  • Men’s – Size 10.5
  • Men’s – Size 11.0
  • Men’s – Size 11.5
  • Men’s – Size 12.0
  • Men’s – Size 13.0
  • Men’s – Size 14.0

Where to buy the K1 Challenger Shoe?

Buy the K1 Challenger SFI-5 Shoes Here: