A great racing shoe is both thin and light enough to allow for excellent pedal feel, but also durable enough to withstand the environmental extremes` that occur inside of a racing cockpit. This requires striking a delicate balance- We are proud to offer a selection of shoes that do just that! We offer racing shoes in Adult and Youth Sizes and from brands such as K1 RaceGear, Velocita, and ZAMP.

Auto Racing Shoes
carry the SFI-5 Rating (SFI 3.3/5) for fire retardancy and have a heel that^ rolls easily for precision throttle and brake modulation. They also usually have a lace strap or other design to prevent the laces from snagging on anything in the pedal box. Racing shoes are designed foremost for driving and will last the longest when used for that purpose as exclusively as possible.

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ZAMP - ZR-50 Nomex Leather SFI-5 Racing Shoes

Introducing the all-new Zamp ZR50 Race Shoe! Featuring high-quality multi-layer construction, an elastic enclosure, and thin rubber sole for ultimate pedal feel, all in a super lightweight shoe! High performance leather outer shell, with...

K1 - GTX-1 Pro SFI-5 Auto Racing Shoes

The K1 GTX-1 racing shoe was developed in cooperation with top pro’s from our K1 Athlete program. The feedback from this development program has enabled us to incorporate unique features in this shoe to make it a universal choice for drivers across...

ZAMP - ZR-60 Nomex LaceFree SFI-5 Racing Shoes

Introducing the all-new Zamp ZR60 Race Shoe! Featuring high-quality multi-layer construction, a Velcro enclosure, and thin rubber sole for ultimate pedal feel, all in a super ventilated, lightweight shoe with no laces! High performance leather...

K1 - Challenger SFI-5 Auto Racing Shoes

The new K1 Challenger SFI-5 racing shoes are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of auto racers. These SFI 3.3/5 certifed shoes are constructed from high quality nomex and durable suede. This lightweight and comfortable shoe provides...

OMP - Sport SFI/FIA Auto Racing Shoes

The OMP Sport is a lightweight SFI-5 & FIA8856 rated shoe with a premium look and fit that doesn't break the bank. These shoes are made out of super soft microfiber materials that allows the Sport to be both durable and flexible while retaining...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 T v3 SFI-5 Racing Shoes

The Tech-1 T v3 Shoe is the latest evolution in Alpinestars premium racing footwear lineup. Integrating Alpinestars exclusive sock-like heel collar within a lightweight and eye-catching chassis allows the Tech-1 T v3 to provide a level of comfort...

Velocita - Ultimate SFI-5 Auto Racing Shoes

The Ultimate is a new ultralight mid-top shoe made for demanding racers. Featuring a SFI-5 rating and a full leather outer shell, these shoes are perfect to take on the worlds of karting or dirt track racing. Premium Top Grain Leather Outer Shell...

Alpinestars - SP v2 SFI-5 Auto Racing Shoes

The Alpinestars SP v2 Shoe is an SFI-5 rated auto racing shoe featuring a newly evolved design from the most trusted name in motorsports safety. The SP Shoes are a premium durable suede leather racing shoe that utilizes Alpinestars asymmetric...

ZAMP - ZR-50 *Wide* SFI-5 Race Shoes

The ZAMP ZR-50 SFI-5 shoe is now available in a special wide version in sizes 9.0 and larger.This shoe has all of the same features as the standard shoe, but now with a more comfortable fit for those with wider feet.Featuring high-quality...

OMP - FIRST FIA-Rated Auto Racing Shoes

The OMP FIRST Auto Racing Shoe is the benchmark against which other racing shoes are measured and this latest update continues OMP's commitment to putting the driver first. This thoughtfully designed mid-top shoe is extremely comfortable and...

ZAMP - ZR-30 Nomex SFI-5 Auto Racing Shoes

Introducing the all-new Zamp ZR30 Race Shoe! Featuring high-quality, lightweight but durable suede construction, and thin rubber sole for ultimate pedal feel, all in a super lightweight shoe! Features Include: Super Lightweight Breathable, flexible...

RaceQuip - Euro Carbon-L SFI-5 Racing Shoes
(Limited Sizes)

SFI 3.3/5 Rating Suede Leather Upper Pyrovatex Flame Retardant Liner 30% Lighter Than Standard Shoes Carbon-L Wear Pads on Each Side European Styling Contrast Stitching Molded Rubber Sole Padded Ankle Arch Support Achilles Flex Opening The RaceQuip...

Velocita - Sprint Jr. SFI-5 Youth Racing Shoes

The Sprint Jr. is a new mid-top shoe made for young racers. Featuring a SFI-5 rating and a full leather outer shell, these shoes are perfect to take those first steps into the worlds of karting or dirt track racing. Premium Top Grain Leather Outer...

K1 - Pilot 2 Karting Shoes

Constructed from high quality suede and rubber, the K1 Pilot 2 is a lightweight, comfortable kart racing shoe that provides karters with excellent pedal feel. These kart shoes are extremely comfortable to wear thanks to a thin rubber sole and...

OMP - KS-3 Karting Shoes
Huge Restock!

The OMP KS-3 Karting Shoe has set the standard for all kart racing shoes since its introduction and continues to be one of the most popular karting shoes on the track today. This latest version adds incremental improvements throughout the shoe...

OMP - KS-2 LaceFree Karting Shoes

The OMP KS-2 Karting Shoe continues to show OMP's pioneering approach to its karting lineup. This new KS-2 Shoe sets the benchmark for comfort and ease-of-use with its innovative lacefree design and bold styling. The KS-2 Karting Shoe is a mid-top...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 KX v2 Karting Shoes

The Alpinestars Tech-1 KX v2 Shoes are the latest in cutting edge karting technology from the most trusted name in karting safety. Featuring an innovative lacing system and a super lightweight chassis, these shoes bring Formula 1 features to the...

OMP - KS-1 Pro Karting Shoes

The OMP KS-1 Karting Shoe is the premium kart racing shoe for karters who demand the best. This shoe is unbelievably lightweight and has incredible breathability due to it's mesh construction. The KS-1 Karting Shoe is derived directly from OMP's...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 KZ Karting Shoes

The Alpinestars Tech-1 KZ Shoe is a professional level karting shoe utilizing the technologies proven in Formula 1. Featuring a brand new exclusive lacing system and stunning colorways, this shoe brings F1 innovation to the karting world with...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 K Start v2 Karting Shoes

The Alpinestars Tech-1 K Start Karting Shoes are proof that style, performance, and comfort don't have to break the bank. These redesigned shoes are a budget friendly option to get you on the track without sacrificing the features you expect from...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 K v2 Karting Shoes

The Alpinestars Tech-1 K v2 is a renowned karting shoe that has been the Go-To shoe for serious karters since it's introduction. Recently redesigned and with additional cutting edge features and high contrast styling, it remains one of the most...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 K Childs Karting Shoes
(Child's Size 12.5 & 1.0)

The Alpinestars Tech-1 K Youth Shoes is an aggressively-styled driving shoe specifically developed for children. This shoe is is constructed from lightweight microfiber with 3D mesh inserts for high levels of comfort, durability and breathability....

ZAMP - ZK-20 Karting Shoes

The ZK-20 Karting shoe is the latest in ZAMP's line of value karting apparel. This shoe is made with durable suede leather and a high grip rubber sole. The ZAMP ZK20 Shoes use a multi-layer construction for extra robustness with the exterior being...

OMP - Tecnica FIA-Rated Socks
(Large Only)

OMP FIA8856-2018 Homologated racing socks. Technical socks made with advanced knitting techniques to provide differentiated pressure areas with beneficial effect on blood circulation and breathability. Anatomic shape, reinforced tip and heel. Fits...

ZAMP - SFI-Rated Driving Socks

Made from soft knit Nomex-style FR material, these socks meet the SFI 3.3 certification and have an SFI tag sewn in place. Socks are available from Small to X-Large. It is highly recommended that you add a layer of flame retardant socks inside all...

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