OMP First FIA Racing Shoes Review

The OMP FIRST Auto Racing Shoe is a classic and high quality FIA-rated racing shoe that continues OMP's commitment to putting the driver first. This thoughtfully designed mid-top shoe is extremely comfortable and carries the FIA8856-2018 fire resistant safety rating.

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The OMP FIRST Shoe Sole Detail
The OMP FIRST Shoe Sole Detail
OMP FIRST Shoe Heel Detail
OMP FIRST Shoe Heel Detail
OMP FIRST Ankle Strap
OMP FIRST Shoe Ankles
FIRST Shoe in Red
OMP FIRST Shoe in Red

What kind of features does the OMP First shoe have?

This shoe features a sturdy low profile ankle strap for a secure and comfortable fit. Securing the laces lowers the chances of them snagging and is achieved with a hook-and-loop fastener over the top of the laces.

The OMP FIRST's Lace Strap
The OMP First Shoe Lace Strap

The frame of the shoe is lightweight and features an anti-slip resistant sole with a round cut heel for easier pedal modulation and maneuverability of the feet. These shoes also features a grippy yet durable sole for the ultimate tactile pedal feel. These are common features found on OMP Racing Shoes

OMP FIRST's Outsole
OMP FIRST's Outsole

Is the OMP FIRST Shoe SFI rated?

The OMP First FIA shoe is only FIA8856-2018 Rated, however, this is roughly equivalent to the SFI3.3/5 rating commonly used in the USA and should be accepted at any event the SFI3.3/5 rating is required.

What types of racing can the OMP FIRST shoe be used for?

The OMP First is best suited for auto racing, this also includes dirt track, autocross, outlaw, and more. These shoes also work well for kart racing even though their fire resistance rating isn't usually required. We carry a wide range of products from OMP

What's included with the OMP First Shoe?

The OMP FIRST Shoe Includes:

  • Shoe box
  • Shoe includes a shoe bag to store, protect, and transport your shoes.
  • User Manual
  • OMP racing stickers.

What sizes is the OMP FIRST available in?

OMP's shoes are made in EU sizes, so below we have provided a conversion chart for our US customers.

OMP Shoe Sizing Chart
OMP Shoe Sizing Chart

    Where can I buy the OMP FIRST Shoe?

    Buy the OMP FIRST FIA Shoes Here: