Alpinestars - SP v2 SFI-5 Auto Racing Shoes

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    The Alpinestars SP v2 Shoe is an SFI-5 rated auto racing shoe featuring a newly evolved design from the most trusted name in motorsports safety.

    The SP Shoes are a premium durable suede leather racing shoe that utilizes Alpinestars asymmetric lacing design which yields a more secure fit than the competition. The shoe also employs Alpinestars exclusive ultra-thin Formula 1 sole with special line textured grip and improved pedal feel. This works in conjunction with the unique rolled heel for easy and precise pedal modulation.

    • Sleek shoe profile has been developed in Formula 1 to offer optimized levels of performance
    • Full construction from perforated suede leather for enhanced ventilation
    • Asymmetric lacing system provide precise, secure and personalized fit
    • Lightweight microporous padding around the heel and insole enhances comfort
    • SFI homologation label on the tongue made from fireproof PU film transfer
    • Main upper constructed from premium suede for optimum levels of durability, comfort and fit
    • Alpinestars exclusive ultra-thin Formula 1 sole uses lightweight rubber with textured grip
    • Ergonomic heel counter which provides support plus integrated PU fireproof heel for comfort
    • Para-aramidic fiber tubular lining construction for excellent heat-resistance, weight-saving and strength
    • Collar padding constructed from Nitrile rubber for comfort and weight-saving
    • SFI-5 Rated (SFI 3.3/5)

    Notes A: SFI 3.3/5 Rated
    Notes B: SFI Rated Mid Top Auto Racing Shoes

    SFI-Rated, Auto Racing, Dirt Track, SFI-5 Rated, Sizes 14.0+
    Part Number #: 2710621

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