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    The OMP FIRST Auto Racing Shoe is the benchmark against which other racing shoes are measured and this latest update continues OMP's commitment to putting the driver first. This thoughtfully designed mid-top shoe is extremely comfortable and carries the FIA8856-2018 fire resistant safety rating.

    The FIRST Shoe is made of soft suede leather that easily fits to the unique shape of your foot and contributes to this shoe's lightweight construction. The interior of the shoe is made of supple knitted fabric while the outer toe box features additional reinforcement to increase durability in demanding conditions.

    The outsole is of a brand new design this year: now 30% lighter and with additional antishock padding in the heel. The heel also features OMP's "round cutted" design that is smooth rolling making for precise throttle adjustments. Finally, the shoes secure with nomex laces underneath a simple velcro strap.

    • High Quality Suede Leather Construction
    • Lightweight Mid-Top Design
    • Reinforced toebox for durability
    • Lighter outsole with antishock padding
    • Smooth rolling heel design
    • Premium fit with timeless styling
    • FIA8856-2018 Rated
    OMP Bonus: Also includes a trackday shoe storage bag for easy transport to and from the track!

    Notes A: This shoe is FIA 8856-2018 Rated
    Notes B: Mid-Top FIA Shoe
    Notes C: FIRST Shoe MY2021
    Rating Notes: This shoe carries the FIA8856-2018 rating. This is roughly equivalent to the SFI3.3/5 rating commonly used in the USA and should be accepted at any event the SFI3.3/5 rating is required.
    FIA-Rated, Auto Racing, Dirt Track
    Part Number #: IC/824