Dirt Track Limitied Modified Racing Gear and SFI Rating Requirements

I'm new to the racing world, my son is starting out and I want to know the difference in the ratings on the suits. I'm not sure what the letters and numbers mean can you help me out ? Note: he will be racing on a dirt track its called limited modified. I want to get good dirt track racing gear but at the same time I don't want to spend a ton of money if he doesn't stick with it. What does SFI -5 and or SFI -1 mean ?

The SFI ratings refer to the fire protection level that the suit offers. Different types of racing will require different levels of such protection depending on the potential exposures. In particular, Limited Modified Dirt Track Racing will require a SFI 3.2A/5 suit. (aka an SFI-5 Suit). Here are all of the SFI-5 suits we offer sorted from lowest priced: /Racing-Suits/c6/SFI-5-Rated/pt74/index.html?sort_type=3&sort_direction=1

If he is looking for a 1 Piece suit the  RaceQuip - 120 Series SFI-5 Racing Suit - 1-Piece is a great starting point.

Limited Modified also requires SFI 3.3 Shoes and Gloves (This is equivalent to SFI-5 on these as well)

As for a Helmet, he will need an SA-Rated Full Face Helmet.

I've pulled all of these requirements from the Limited Pro/Modified Rules section 15.9. Here is a copy of them: http://www.dirtcarump.com/rules/limitedpro-modified-rules/

If he's just starting out and doesn't have any of this gear yet, I would take look at picking it all up together in an SFI-5 Rated Package Deal.

This will be cheaper than purchasing all of these items separately. 

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!