Tight One-Piece Auto Racing Suits

The 34/44 suit is a little to snug around the waist. Do you have anything wider without going taller?


Unfortunately, in 1-Piece suits, as waist size increases so does the height of the suit. I've double checked our other brands to see if any of them have a 1-Piece coming in with the same height with a bit more waist/hip with no luck. It's pretty standard range it seems. Generally, if a 1-piece fits a bit snug we try to switch over to a 2-Piece suit so you could have a jacket that's sized a bit smaller than the pants. Another option, of course, is to just go up a size in the 1-Piece suit if you believe that the waist snugness might cause you more discomfort than a bit extra height in the suit will. 

Let me know what you think!