Open / Boot Cuff Triumph SFI Racing Suit


I have a question regarding the K1 Triump Pants. What type of cuff do they have at the bottom of the leg? Is their velco that opens and closes so you can open the bottom leg to go over your shoes? If not is it a tight fitting bottom?

 He wants to be able to put these pants on over his shoes.  Do you think they are big enough at the bottom to do this?


The Triumph Pant (and suit) have an open cuff on the legs.It's not velcro, elastic, nor tight fitting. I'd recommend using Nomex / SFI-Rated Socks with it. The leg opening is on par with a regular pair of pants or jeans. It'll probably slide over the top of his shoes to about the ankle if the pants are long enough.
Let me know if you have any other questions!