Itchy Auto Racing Gloves - Nomex

My girlfriend purchased me a pair of gloves that did not fit, so I exchanged them for another pair. However, this new pair is extremely itchy and uncomfortable. I am wondering if you can tell me up front which gloves are good and comfortable and which ones are not. If the more expensive gloves you have are truly that much better, how can I exchange the current gloves I have (perfectly new condition) for a pair that won't be so irritating?


The last two pairs of gloves you received were made of CarbonX which was Oakley's old proprietary blend of fire retardant fibers. As far as fire retardant gloves go, they were considered pretty low irritant, but if both pairs gave you issues it's possible that you are something about this combination is the cause for your sensitivity on it.

Normally, I recommend either the FIA Gloves that you received or the Oakley - FR Driving Gloves as some of the most comfortable gloves. In my personal use, I'd rate the FIA's at a Low/Medium irritability and the FR's as just Low. In other words, there was perceptible difference in "softness / scratchiness", but since I didn't have an issue with the FIA's originally, to me the difference wasn't substantial. However, It's possible that for you the it might make the difference.

Outside of the Oakley's, I'd rate the Alpinestars' SFI Gloves as similar in feel and some of the most comfortable, but their gloves are somewhat more expensive and are the exact same 100% Nomex material as the new Oakley FR's.

Let me know if this works for you and I'll get it put together for you!