Cheap Entry-Level Racing Suit

I am located in Kentucky and I have been given a birthday gift from my wife to attend racing school for one day at the Kentucky speedway next Saturday the 28th. Is there a "low cost" race suit I could purchase and how do you ship? I need it by the 28th of course. This is a one time thing so I would like to get something inexpensive. (ornamental not functional) Thank you very much for your assistance!


Glad to hear you will have the pleasure of getting on the track! Don't be surprised if you get hooked! I think I have just the suit you are looking for:

G-Force - GF-105 SFI-1 Auto Racing Suit - 1-Piece

As you will see on our website (click on the link above), the GF105 is a phenomenal deal, perfect for entry level racers and beginners in general - even one-timers! It meets minimum accepted safety ratings for club racing (in case you ever get involved with that in the future) while not going overboard with "bells and whistles" that quickly raise prices. For your particular event, this suit will be more than sufficient, while not breaking the bank (it's the least-expensive suit we carry). It is certainly one of our bestsellers, and it will meet both your needs for value and quality!