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    The Victory Suit is an industry first breathable lightweight SFI-1 Rated Racing Suit. The Victory SFI 3.2A/1 Single Layer suit is constructed of Proban Fire Retardant Cotton (FRC) material with Hydro Oleo Treatment to repel fluids. This unique material has been designed to allow air to pass through to keep cool, yet maintain full fire protection for the driver.

    This suit includes Full 360 Degree Arm Gussets to provide optimal mobility and the Crotch Stretch Panel allows the driver to easy slip in and out of the vehicle without the worry of pulled seams. The addition of anatomically placed Back Stretch Panel provides comfort to the driver while in a sitting position. The Victory suit gives you all these additional features including a custom look while maintaining the stock suit price.

    The Victory Suit is an ideal fire suit for a variety of racing classes, including dirt track and oval racing leagues such as Midgets, Quarter Midgets, Bandoleros, Sprint Cars, Legends, and Thunder Roadsters as well as sports car racing classes such as SCCA Solo and ProSolo.

    This single layer SFI race suit is an affordable, high quality fire suit that is perfect for novice and experienced racers. If the race league that you compete in does not require Nomex fabric, this Proban cotton fire suit is the logical choice! Providing superb protection in the event of a fire thanks to its SFI 3.2A/1 certification and designed to meet the needs of racers at an extremely competitive price.

    The Victory Racing Suit is perfect for budget minded racers and track day specialists intent on moving up the ranks.

    Product Details:
    • SFI 3.2A/1 Certified
    • 1-Layer PROBAN FRC Construction
    • Breathable Lightweight Material
    • Hydro Oleo Treatment to Repel Fluids
    • Back and Crotch Stretch Panels
    • Adjustable Velcro Closure at belt and collar
    • Zipper Front
    • 240 gr/m2 Weight with a TPP Rating of 8.3
    • High End Custom Suit Look
    • Boot-Cut Leg Cuffs

    The safest suit for maximum fire protection is a loose fitting one.
    A suit's fire protection capability is directly related to the fit of the garment. A properly fitted racing suit will have small air gaps in between the body and the garment. A suit worn too tightly will compress these air gaps- allowing heat to reach the skin faster.

    An additional consideration should be the position the garment will be worn in. Specifically, the clamshell orientation of the driving position requires additional material in order to prevent tugging the wearer. This is especially important when wearing a one piece suit. To account for this when selecting a suit: ensure you are on the lower end of the range for a particular size so there will be enough material to prevent the suit from tugging when seated.

    Sizing Notes: Sizing varies between brands. Please check the sizing chart for *each* item.

    Notes A: SFI 3.2A/1 Rated
    Notes B: One-Piece SFI-1 Rated Auto Racing Suit
    Notes C: TPP Rating of 8.3
    Usage: Recommended for use in competitive auto racing. Also meets requirements for many kart racing organizations, but may not have the same level of abrasion resistance as a karting specific suit.

    SFI-Rated, 1-Piece Suits, XXXL+ Sizes, Youth Sizes, Auto Racing, Dirt Track, SFI-1 Rated, Single Layer
    Part Number #: 20-VIC-N

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