ZAMP - Forced Air Adapters - Fits all RZ Helmets


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    These ZAMP RZ Top Air Adapters shields fit all ZAMP RZ helmet models.
    (Full compatibility list below)

    RZ Top Air Adapters allow intake for fresh air comfort circulated through air port channels directed onto the visor, minimizing fog and contaminates while also providing fresh air and cooling comfort. Typically used for closed cockpit stock cars and at dusty tracks to feed fresh air to the driver. These easy to install RZ Top Air Adapters are compatible with all ZAMP RZ series helmets. Comes in Matte Black, Gloss Black, and White with Regular and Low Profile versions.

    The 'low profile' style uses a lower & wider nozzle for cockpits where clearance is an issue. This may require an adapter to connect to a standard forced air system.

    The Low Profile Adapter allows you to connect a standard 1.5" round hose to the Low Profile Intake.

    • ZAMP RZ-18/H
    • ZAMP RZ-36
    • ZAMP RZ-36 Dirt
    • ZAMP RZ-56
    • ZAMP RZ-59
    • ZAMP RZ-60
    • ZAMP RZ-60V
    • ZAMP RZ-62
    • ZAMP RZ-64C
    • ZAMP RZ-65D
    • ZAMP RZ-70E
    • -------------
    • ZAMP RZ-35
    • ZAMP RZ-58
    • ZAMP RZ-40
    • ZAMP RZ-42
    • ZAMP RZ-44C
    • ZAMP RZ-44CE
    • ZAMP RZ-45D
    • -------------
    • ZAMP RZ-34
    • ZAMP RZ-55

    Notes A: Top Forced Air Adapters
    Notes B: Fits all RZ Helmets

    Forced Air
    Part Number #: HTA200

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