Racing Optics - Laminated Helmet Tearoffs


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    The World's Most Optically Advanced Tearoff Technology!

    3 Packs of 10-Layer "Distortion Free" Tearoffs. (30 Tearoffs Total)

    Reflection is caused by the speed of light slowing down as it enters a transparent material. When light travels through multiple layers of different materials, and keep the light at the same speed, no new reflections are created. Racing Optics has created the SpeedStack X by optically laminating Ten layers of Tear-Offs together.

    The laminated Tear-Offs of the SpeedStack X displace any air in the Stack. Thus eliminating the reflections between layers. A Ten layer SpeedStack X has about the same optical characteristics as a single Tear-Off!

    SpeedStack Xs can be layered, giving the driver up to Thirty or more tearoffs for those long races. This allows the driver to have better visual acuity than ever experienced before from the start of a race to the checkered
    • One Piece Design: The Laminated Tear-Off system consist of 3 packs of 10 tearoffs laminated together that install as one piece.
    • Quick Change on the Fly: When attached to the helmet's face shield, it allows for a quick and easy change on the fly.
    • High Visibility & Low Reflection while eliminating fog in between layers.

    Full Face, Auto Racing, Drag Racing, Dirt Track, Karting, Shield Tearoffs
    Part Number #: TO-102