Bell K1 Sport SA2020 Helmet Review

The Bell K1 Sport Helmet has set the standard against which other auto racing helmets are compared and is one of the most popular Snell SA2020 rated helmets on the market. The K1 Sport has a classic look and combines Bell's commitment to safety with a comfortable multi-use design.

This helmet is made with the attention to detail you expect from Bell while remaining adaptable to many forms of racing. The K1 Sport is the “racers choice” of helmets and has become a fixture at everything from Kart and Autocross events to high level pro races.

Bell K1 Sport Helmet Gallery

Bell K1 Sport Helmet Profile
Bell K1 Sport Helmet: Profile
Bell K1 Sport Helmet Back
Bell K1 Sport Helmet: Back
Bell K1 Sport Helmet Shield Pivot
Bell K1 Sport Helmet: Shield Pivot
Bell K1 Sport Helmet: Titanium Silver
Bell K1 Sport Helmet: Titanium Silver
Bell K1 Sport Helmet: Metallic Black
Bell K1 Sport Helmet: Metallic Black
Bell K1 Sport Helmet: Safety Orange
Bell K1 Sport Helmet: "Safety" Orange
Titanium with Silver Chrome Shield
Titanium with Silver Chrome Shield
Black with Blue Chrome Shield
Black with Blue Chrome Shield

    Is the Bell K1 Sport helmet SA2020 rated?

    Yes, the K1 Sport is Snell SA2020 Certified and can be used for competitive racing until the year 2030. The SA2020 certification sticker is on the inside of the shell for easy display during tech inspection.

    What are the features of the K1 Sport?

    The K1 Sport is made of a lightweight composite shell with a comfortable interior. The outside has configurable ventilation and includes M6 Terminals for easy use with Head and Neck Restraint Devices.

    The Bell K1 Sport features superb ventilation with direct chin bar vents, forehead vents, and configurable top ventilation.

    Included top air vent scoop and air plugs
    Included Air Vent Scoop and Vent Plugs

    The top ventilation holes can be run in 3 different arrangements:

    • Open Ventilation (great for closed cockpit use)
    • Included Air Scoop Installed to catch additional air at speed. (open cockpit / kart use)
    • Plugged using the included vent plugs. (dirt track use)

    The viewport uses a synthetic rubber gasket to create positive seal between the sheild and the helmet. This helps prevent dirt and water from entering the helmet and makes this a great helmet for Auto, Boat, Kart, and Rally Racing.

    (top) synthetic rubber gasket. (bottom) multi-piece liner
    (top) synthetic rubber gasket. (bottom) multi-piece liner

    The interior features an advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance. The liner and pads are made of a soft material for maximum comfort while on the track. Comfort and quality are standard features on Bell products!

    What is included with the K1 Sport?

    What's included
    What's included (drawstring bag not pictured)

    The Bell K1 Sport SA2020 helmet includes:

    • Helmet with Clear Shield Installed
    • Top Air Vent Scoop
    • Air Vent Plugs
    • Tear-Off Post Kit
    • Shield Key
    • Bell Stickers
    • Owners Manual
    • Drawstring Carry Bag (not pictured)

    What shield does the Bell K1 Sport Helmet use?

    287 3MM SRV-1 shield
    287 3MM SRV-1 Shield Pivot

    The Bell K1 Sport uses a 287 3MM SRV-1 shield and is available in many different styles such as Clear, Amber, Light Smoke, Dark Smoke, Blue Chrome and Silver Chrome.

    287 3MM Shields for K1 Sport
    287 3MM Shields for the K1 Sport

    Is there an AntiFog Shield available for the K1 Sport?

    While there is not an Antifog shield made for the K1 Sport, Bell does make a compatible antifog shield insert available here:

    Bell K1 Sport AntiFog Insert
    Bell K1 Sport AntiFog Shield Insert

    Can the Bell K1 Sport be used for Karting?

    Absolutely! The K1 Sport is a popular helmet on the karting circuit and carries the Snell SA2020 rating. This exceeds the ratings required at most karting tracks and also allows you to to transition to auto racing events in the future without needing to purchase another helmet.

    Where is the K1 Sport Made?

    The Bell K1 Sport is manufactured in Bell's new state of the art facility in Bahrain as part of the Bahrain International Circuit complex where the annual Formula 1 race is held.

    What colors & sizes does the Bell K1 Sport come in?

    • White
    • Metallic Black
    • "Safety" Orange
    • Titanium Silver
    • 2X-Small
    • X-Small
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • X-Large

    How much does the Bell K1 Sport Helmet weigh?

    The K1 Sport Helmet weighs 3.2lbs to 3.4lbs depending on size.
    Helmet weights vary between sizes due to the thickness of the inner liners and the outer shell used.

    Here are the weights of all sizes of the Bell K1 Sport Helmet:

    Size Grams Pounds
    2X-Small 1460 Grams 3.2 lbs
    X-Small 1455 Grams 3.2 lbs
    Small 1450 Grams 3.2 lbs
    Medium 1430 Grams 3.2 lbs
    Large 1560 Grams 3.4 lbs
    X-Large 1555 Grams 3.4 lbs

    What is the sizing chart for the Bell K1 Sport?

    K1 Challenger Suit Sizing Chart
    Sizing Chart for the Bell K1 Sport

    Take several measurements. The largest measurement is the one you want to use.

    Proper helmet fit is vital to the performance of a helmet. For the helmet to perform properly during an impact, it must stay securely on the head. Due to varying shapes, heads that are apparently the same size when measured may not necessarily fit the same size helmet. A small metal tape measure or a cloth tape may be used to make your initial measurement. You can also use a string, which can then be laid against a tape measure. Measure the circumference of the head at a point approximately one inch above the eyebrows in front, and at a point in the back of the head that results in the largest possible measurement.

    Where can I buy the Bell K1 Sport helmet?

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