Boy's Jr Dragster Racing Suit

I am looking for jr dragster jacket,pants or one piece suit for a boy that is currently 62 lbs.
In black
Do you have something like this?
Also, Driving shoes size kids 3-4?
For gloves, I am not sure how to measure for these but he has small hands.
He will be 10 years old in March.
I am also in need of a system like a Hans device that can work with his current Scorpion Helmet.

Thanks for your question!

On the suit, you are going to want something SFI-Rated (rated for fire-retardancy). For a child his size I'd go with either of the following both of which are SFI-Rated:

Same with the shoes- SFI-Rated:

As far as the HANS, I'm not sure you can get one for a child his size. Most kids in jr drag or quarter racing end up using a neck brace, again I'd go SFI-Rated:

I hope this helps some. Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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