What is TUV Homologation

What is TUV Homologation?

TÜV SÜD AG is a leading technical service company active in the Industry, Product and Transport sectors. Its range of services encompasses consultancy, inspections, tests and expert opinions, as well as, certification and training. Its objectives are reliability, safety and quality, as well as environmental protection and cost effectiveness.

The company partners with leading industry manufacturers in numerous areas related to safety, internal manufacturing processes and product quality, and codes/standards development. They perform research, testing and certification for nearly every part of a vehicle imaginable, from tires to electronics to glass, plastics, fabrics and engines.

Products sporting the "TUV Homologated" stamp ensure that you, the consumer, will receive and experience premium performance via quality and safety.

REF: http://tuvamerica.com/industry/automotive.cfm

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