G-Force - Pro Phenom Snell SA2005 Rating

G-Force - Pro Phenom Helmet: Does this helmet have a snell rating of 2005?

Thank you for your question!  The Pro Phenom is Snell SA2005 rated, which is one step up from M2005, in that it is fire-retardant.  Typically, the racing community associates SA2005 rated helmets with Auto racing, and M2005 rated helmets with Moto racing.  However, unless you are very serious about racing, a M2005 rated helmet will work just fine for Auto racing, although it would be a good idea to check with your club (if you're part of one) to make sure your helmet meets their standards (if they have them).
G-Force - Pro Phenom SA2010 Open Face Helmet
Hope this helps!  Let  me know if you have any other questions!
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