Oakley - Retro Fade 2.0 Tee Shirt - XL Slim - Closeout


Retail: $20.00
Price: $10.00
    Decades ago, the sea of mediocrity was just as deep, but an idea called Oakley caught a rising swell and rode it to the safety of original thinking. After puking out some swallowed water, it laid out this logo and went on to become a world leader in performance and style. The RETRO FADE 2.0 TEE carries the logo with honor. (It's not exactly a bedtime story. More like a nightmare for the mediocre who still tread water.)
    • 100% cotton T-shirt
    • Screen printed logo on front
    • Fit: Slim Fit

    T-Shirts / Polo Shirts, Closeouts
    Part Number #: 452458OCB