K.1 - Speed1 MAX Karting Package

  • K.1 - Speed1 MAX Karting Package - A3522
  • K.1 - Speed1 MAX Karting Package - A3522
  • K.1 - Speed1 MAX Karting Package - A3522
  • K.1 - Speed1 MAX Karting Package - A3522
  • K.1 - Speed1 MAX Karting Package - A3522
  • K.1 - Speed1 MAX Karting Package - A3522
  • K.1 - Speed1 MAX Karting Package - A3522
  • K.1 - Speed1 MAX Karting Package - A3522


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    Our custom Speed1 MAX Karting Package is a pro level kit for those looking for the ultimate in protection, features, and style.

    This package includes the following items:
    The following item can optionally be added to this package: Additional pictures and information available in the links above.

    K1 - Speed1 Pro Kart Racing Suit

    The all new Speed1 Pro kart racing suit is designed for individuals making their way up the ranks in the karting world and provides the features that seasoned racers are looking for in their next suit. The Speed1 suit is intended for use in races where a CIK-FIA approval was not required and in addition to providing a high level of abrasion resistance, the Speed1 makes comfort a priority with an extremely lightweight shell and maximum ventilation to let you focus on winning the race in any conditions!

    • Ultra Lightweight Design – Provides ultimate comfort without the bulk.
    • Speed1 Vents – Strategic, advanced placement of vents for optimum breathability.
    • Protection – Two Layers of Cordura fabric provide maximum abrasion resistance when the racing gets rough.
    • Stretch Panels – Precisely positioned, advanced, stretch fabric throughout the suit to ensure supreme comfort.

    K1 - Flex SFI-5/FIA Racing Gloves

    The K1 FLEX Nomex Glove is our most advanced premium driver's glove. Complying with both FIA 8856-2000 & SFI 3.3/5 homologation standards, the FLEX glove is constructed with the highest quality lightweight bonded Nomex.

    Featuring a seamless pre-curved palm and finger design this glove naturally flows with the contour of the hand. The palm of the FLEX glove is strategically engineered with an ultra-grip, fire resistant silicon surface for improved flexibility, grip and comfort.

    • Complies with both FIA 8856-2000 & SFI 3.3/5 standards
    • Premium lightweight 2-layer bonded Nomex
    • Flame resistant Aramid lining for ultimate feel and protection
    • Minimal external seams eliminate discomfort and pressure points
    • Fire-resistant silicon palm for the ultimate grip
    • Double stitched tapered wrist enclosure with elastic for secure fit
    • K1 - Track-1 Glove in Blk/Pink also available.

    EVS - R4 Race Spec Karting Neck Brace

    The R4's low profile and lightweight (ADULT 635 grams/YOUTH 386 grams) design provides superior range of motion without sacrificing function.

    • Minimizes risk of axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion
    • Easy front entry system
    • Provides amazing range of motion of head
    • Soft rubberized edges for increased comfort
    • Fully adjustable sizing
    • Very comfortable and light weight
    • 4 point harness for precision fit and comfort
    • Youth Size for Racers less than 5'3" / 105lbs
    • Adult Size for Racers greater than 5'3" / 105lbs
    • K1 - Pro Karting Neck Brace also available.

    K1 - Go Kart Child Chest Protector (5 to 12 years)

    One of the most important things you can buy to Protect Your Child!
    Sizes: comes in one size that fits children ages 5-12.

    Our K1 Go Kart Chest Protector has been rigorously tested and designed for maximum protection and comfort. Lightweight made with two layers of vacuum formed polypropylene plastic and strong, heavy duty buckles.

    Perfect for all types of youth karting.
    • Strong Heavy Duty Buckles
    • Double Layer Polypropylene
    • Can also be worn underneath suit for a clean look!


    K1 - Carbon Fiber Karting Rib Vest (10 years to Adult)

    A rib vest helps absorb and evenly distribute impacts and vibration directed through the chassis into your body, helping reduce the chance of injury and allowing you to focus on the task of driving, rather than discomfort or exhaustion. The constant vibration of an endurance event can slowly wear down your body, but a rib vest can help fight off this process and give you the strength you need to stay competitive. If you are in need of a rib protector, we highly recommend our carbon fiber rib vest! Our kart vest is a high-quality rib protector that incorporates a host of features to improve the user's comfort and provide additional safety, including:
    • Protective panels formed from carbon fiber that are designed to flex around the driver and absorb and distribute shock
    • A lightweight, thin overall design to increase comfort and usability
    • Custom tailored using polypropylene modules
    • Cordura fabric vest that features adjustable chest and shoulder straps
    • Stronger reinforced buckles
    • Better shock-absorbing foam
    We choose the size of the rib vest for you based on the suit size selected.
    If you would prefer a specific size, please contact us before or after placing your order.

    OMP - KS-1 Pro Karting Shoes

    The KS-1 Karting Shoe is derived directly from OMP's Formula 1 and World Rally Championship racing shoes. Their experience creating shoes for the world's most skilled racers is distilled directly into the KS-1's DNA.

    The OMP KS-1 is a mid-top karting shoe made of a polyurethane mesh which helps to create one of the lightest racing shoes ever made. Weighing in at a featherlight 600grams per pair in a Size 9.0, these shoes disappear when worn letting you focus on the race at hand. The outsole is smooth rolling and designed specifically for professional level kart racing with a high pedal sensitivity.

    • High-Quality Polyurethane Mesh Construction
    • Large Mesh Panels for Extreme Breathability
    • Smooth rolling heel designed for karting
    • Incredibly Lightweight at 600grams per pair (in Size 9.0)
    • Heel and Toebox reinforcement for added protection
    • Velcro Ankle Strap for a secure and comfortable fit
    • Rear padded elastic bellow for improved comfort
    • Based on OMP's F1 & WRC Shoe Designs

    Other Helmet Discount (Optional)

    It's a great time to upgrade your helmet too!

    You can get an additional $30 off of any helmet over $300 when purchased with this package!
    Simply add this package and any $300+ helmet to your shopping cart at the same time to receive the discount.

    Fly Racing - Premium Gear Duffel Bag (Optional)

    The Fly Premium Gear Duffel is a great grab-and-go bag for racers on their way to a weekend event or a spontaneous track day session. Premium soft materials will protect your gear through years of use!
    • Fits your helmet, suit, gloves, shoes, and more!
    • Very high quality materials - with a premium design and feel!
    • Separate shoes compartment to keep other items clean & dry
    • Comfortable carry handles and removable padded shoulder strap
    • 55L Capacity

    The safest suit for maximum fire protection is a loose fitting one.
    A suit's fire protection capability is directly related to the fit of the garment. A properly fitted racing suit will have small air gaps in between the body and the garment. A suit worn too tightly will compress these air gaps- allowing heat to reach the skin faster.

    An additional consideration should be the position the garment will be worn in. Specifically, the clamshell orientation of the driving position requires additional material in order to prevent tugging the wearer. This is especially important when wearing a one piece suit. To account for this when selecting a suit: ensure you are on the lower end of the range for a particular size so there will be enough material to prevent the suit from tugging when seated.

    Consider ordering a glove one size larger than recommended for a more
    comfortable fit and to prevent binding when the hand is fully closed.

    Sizing Notes: Sizing varies between brands. Please check the sizing chart for *each* item.

    Notes A:
    Cordura Two Layer Karting Suit
    Reverse Stitched Kart Racing Gloves
    Kart Racing Neck Brace
    Karting Rib Vest / Chest Protector
    Mid-Top Kart Racing Shoes
    Sizing: Rib Vest will be sized according to the suit size selected.
    Usage: Recommended for kart racing only. These items are not SFI-Rated nor meant for use in auto racing events.

    1-Piece Suits, XXXL+ Sizes, Youth Sizes, Women's Suits, Karting, Multi Layer
    Part Number #: RC3522

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