K1 - GT SFI-5 Racing Suit - Medium

  • K1 - GT SFI-5 Racing Suit - Medium - A0172
  • K1 - GT SFI-5 Racing Suit - Medium - A0172
  • K1 - GT SFI-5 Racing Suit - Medium - A0172

Retail: $595.00
Price: $395.00

    Discontinued Suit with limited colors/sizes remaining. Please check the drop down options box on the right for current availability. 

    More sizes available on K1 - GT2 Nomex SFI-5 Auto Racing Suit


    The K1 GT auto racing suit is a Nomex, SFI-rated fire suit that is perfect for mid to high level auto racing. The GT suit has a TPP rating of 25.5 - a full 6 points higher than what is required for the SFI-5 Rating! It’s 2-layer design is both light weight and breathable. With custom style design and neon Nomex colors, the GT Suit stands apart from any other race suits on the market!

    Product Details:

    • Advanced 2-Layer Graphite Nomex construction
    • SFI 3.2A/5 certified
    • 380 gr/m2 (Lightweight)
    • TPP Rating of 25.5
    • 360 degree full floating knitted sleeves
    • Boot cut legs with soft knit Nomex collar and cuffs
    • Knit shoulder gusset for full range of movement
    • Multi-stretch panel at lower back
    • Designed with elastic waist and adjustable tapered-v collar

    The safest suit for maximum fire protection is a loose fitting one.
    A suit's fire protection capability is directly related to the fit of the garment. A properly fitted racing suit will have small air gaps in between the body and the garment. A suit worn too tightly will compress these air gaps- allowing heat to reach the skin faster.

    An additional consideration should be the position the garment will be worn in. Specifically, the clamshell orientation of the driving position requires additional material in order to prevent tugging the wearer. This is especially important when wearing a one piece suit. To account for this when selecting a suit: ensure you are on the lower end of the range for a particular size so there will be enough material to prevent the suit from tugging when seated.

    Sizing Notes: Note: Sizing on these suits is tighter than the sizing chart suggests.
    We recommend going up one size from the one recommended on the sizing chart.
    Notes A: SFI 3.2A/5 Rated
    Notes B: One Piece SFI-5 Rated 2-Layer Auto Racing Suit
    Notes C: TPP Rating of 25.5
    Usage: Recommended for use in competitive auto racing. Also meets requirements for many kart racing organizations, but may not have the same level of abrasion resistance as a karting specific suit.

    SFI-Rated, 1-Piece Suits, XXXL+ Sizes, Auto Racing, Dirt Track, SFI-5 Rated, Multi Layer
    Part Number #: 20-GTS