K1 - Champ Pro Nomex Auto Racing Suit

This product has been discontinued and is not available to purchase.

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    Availability Note:
    This product has been discontinued and is not available to purchase.

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    The Champ suit is the latest in our evolutionary 2-layer automotive race suit design. Manufactured utilizing advanced Nomex materials providing drivers with the highest level of fire protection, breathability, comfort and professional modern appearance. The 360-degree, full floating sleeves, as well as both crotch and lower back stretch panels provide full range of motion while driving. The Champ suit is lightweight and a perfect choice for auto racing venues and exceeds the stringent SFI 3.2A/5 & FIA 8856-2000 homologation standards.
    • Premium, Lightweight, Multi-Layer, 100% Premium Nomex Outer Shell
    • Flat Seam Piping with Shoulder Epaulets
    • 360 Degree, Full Floating Knitted Nomex Sleeves For Full Range Of Motion
    • Designed with Lower Stretch Panels and Tapered-V Collar
    • Modern Professional Design
    • Certified to FIA 8856-2000 & SFI 3.2A Level 5 homologation standard

    The safest suit for maximum fire protection is a loose fitting one.
    A suit's fire protection capability is directly related to the fit of the garment. A properly fitted racing suit will have small air gaps in between the body and the garment. A suit worn too tightly will compress these air gaps- allowing heat to reach the skin faster.

    An additional consideration should be the position the garment will be worn in. Specifically, the clamshell orientation of the driving position requires additional material in order to prevent tugging the wearer. This is especially important when wearing a one piece suit. To account for this when selecting a suit: ensure you are on the lower end of the range for a particular size so there will be enough material to prevent the suit from tugging when seated.

    Sizing Notes: Sizing varies between brands. Please check the sizing chart for *each* item.

    Notes A: SFI 3.2A/5 & FIA8856-2000 Rated
    Notes B: Two Layer FIA-Rated Nomex Auto Racing Suit
    Notes C: Two Layer SFI/FIA-Rated Nomex Auto Racing Suit
    Materials: Premium Nomex

    SFI-Rated, 1-Piece Suits, XXXL+ Sizes, Auto Racing, Dirt Track, SFI-5 Rated, Multi Layer
    Part Number #: 20-CHA