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RaceQuip - FIA / SFI 6-Point Camlock Racing Harness

  • Lightweight 165 gram Magnesium Alloy Cam Buckle
  • Exceeds Stringent FIA 8853/98 Standard
  • Surpasses SFI 16.1 Rating
  • 6 Point Design
  • Pull Down Lap Belt Adjusters
  • Wide Engagement Cone For Easy Snap In
  • Precise Spring Pressure for a Positive Feel
  • 45 (right or left) Unlatch Movement
  • Prevents Accidental Opening
  • Heavy-Duty Drop-Forged Steel Hardware (Installed)
  • Wrap Around or Bolt-in Mounting
  • Premium 3 Proprietary Blend Webbing
  • Transverse Mono Filament Woven
  • Increased Strength and Smoother Edges
  • Premium Aluminum Shoulder Adjusters
  • Shoulder Belt Adjustment Length is 20" to 70"
  • Lap Belt is Adjustable from 25" to 70"
The RaceQuip Camlock belt set offers features yet pricing that is affordably for the grassroots racer. The RaceQuip 751 series Camlock belt set comes in a six (6) point configuration with a pull-down lap belt design. The harness sets not only exceed the SFI 16.1 specification, they also pass the stringent FIA 8853/98 standard. This dual certification allows racers in some sanctions (SCCA, NASA, etc.) to use these belts for five years instead of just two.

We at RaceQuip start with a super-lightweight 165 gram magnesium alloy cam buckle. The buckle features an engagement cone which allows the belts to snap into the cam mechanism at angles of 21 left or right and 11 up and down for ease of engagement. Precise internal spring pressure allows a positive feel on the 45 (right or left) unlatch movement without fear of accidental opening.

Next, the drop-forged steel buckle hardware is sewn onto the premium 3 webbing, called transverse mono filament woven, which means that there are mono filament fibers inter-woven into the straps in a pattern that transverses the standard weave. This design accomplishes two tasks - added strength and smoother edges on the belts. The harness sets also feature premium, lightweight, non-slip aluminum shoulder adjusters with easy lift grips. The lap belt adjusters utilize an anti-slip tensioner device as well. Heavy-duty drop-forged steel slide bars and bolt on ends come already installed, but they can be easily removed if you prefer to mount your belts by wrapping them around a rollbar. Belt adjustment lengths are 20 to 70 for shoulders and 25 to 70 for the lap belt. RaceQuip Camlock Harness Sets sell for $199.99 racer net, and are available in black, red, or blue

RaceQuip - FIA / SFI 6-Point Camlock Racing Harness
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This Product is Not Currently Available for Purchase
Notes A:  SFI 16.1 Rated Harness
Notes B:  FIA 8853/98 Certified
Model #:  RQP-7510#1
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