ZAMP - Z-Tech Series 4A SFI-38.1 Head Restraint

This product has been discontinued and is not available to purchase.

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    This product has been discontinued and is not available to purchase.

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    The Z-Tech Series 4A is an advanced SFI 38.1 rated head and neck restraint designed for total adjustability. This restraint is based off of the Series 1A model, but now featuring a dual compound frame for a 25% weight reduction as well as more comfortable fit. The advanced multi-axis adjustment of the Z-tech Series 4A allows you to adjust the width, arm angle, and arm width to provide maximum comfort during your racing sessions.

    This restraint features fiberglass reinforced nylon on the shoulder base to create a lightweight and ultra-durable frame. The arms are manufactured from a modified alloy that give the device additional dampening characteristics in the event of a crash. The helmet tethers are constructed from Kevlar webbing with stainless steel quick connects for quick & easy attachment and detachment from the helmet.

    The Z-Tech Series 4A is compatible with Snell SA2010, SAH2010, and SA2015 rated helmets. (Note for SA2010 helmets: Check to make sure your helmet has been pre-drilled for use with a helmet restraints.)

    This package includes all of the necessary parts and instructions to set up your helmet including: backing plate nutwashers, anchors, anchor posts, and screws.

    • Advanced Multi-Axis Adjustment: allows you to adjust shoulder width, arm angle and arm width. Fits different body shapes and sizes and adjusts to different race seats.
    • Super Lightweight: at approximately 925 grams.
    • Dual Compound Frame: Specialized Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon is used for the shoulder frame while the arms made with a Modified Alloy material to give the device dampening characteristics in a crash. The two materials work together offering excellent performance.
    • Stainless Steel Hardware: screws and binary post built with high quality and strength to provide long lasting strength throughout the wear and tear of racing.
    • Kevlar Webbing Tether: allows a secure connection from the restraint to your helmet.
    • Spring Clip Quick Connect: allows easy one-handed connecting & removal from helmet. Red thumb tabs provide easy grip.
    • Harness Belt Channel: accepts 2” or 3” belts from your racing harness.
    • Removable Padding: makes cleaning or replacement easy.
    • Helmet Hardware: all parts needed to set up your helmet are included!
    • SFI 38.1 Certified: Certified by SFI for competition use to the stringent 38.1 rating.
    • Compatible with Snell SA2010, SAH2010, and SA2015 helmets.

    Note: Because of it's ability to fit many sizes the Series 4A does require some setup. Instructions and videos are provided to guide the entire process.

    Notes A: SFI 38.1 Rated Helmet Restraint
    Notes B: HANS Style Head and Neck Restraint System
    Notes C: Series 4A Setup Instructions Available Here
    Series 4A Setup Videos Available Here

    Part Number #: NT004003